FMX 2019

Hi there,

Two weeks ago FMX, a conference on media and VFX, was held in Stuttgart. Fortunately I was there. Now I would like to share some experiences with you.

Bobby Chiu, a concept artist from Toronto, Canada, gave a lecture with the title “Capturing the essence”. It was a very inspiring, motivating and funny talk (he told a story about a centipede 🙂 ). But the most important thing is, that he shares his knowledge here:

Another cool artist from Switzerland, Michael Frei, presented his work. He has a extraordinary way of animating characters by directing them with a trackpad. He draws the path with his fingers and the characters are executing predefined animations. He is also a game designer. Check out his projects here:

I learned that there is an art magazine called “Firestarter”, containing interviews, latest news and dates for conferences ahead. It is really worth a look. Check it out here:

Don’t miss the next FMX!

05.-08. May 2020.