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Nuclear Bomb WIP Update

Hi there!

This is an update on the current status of the nuke project.  The major points that I am currently trying to solve are:

  1. Creating a realistic desert landscape. I have imported a greyscale height map of a desert landscape into Blender. Unfortunately the resolution of the map in the lowland part is pretty low, causing ugly sharp edges. Using the smooth Continue reading

Nuclear Bomb In Blender’s Smoke Simulator

Hi there,

During holidays I found some time to tackle a project I have been after for a long time. It is nothing less than the simulation of a nuclear explosion 🙂 . After running countless (really it must have been at least … ah I do not know anymore) simulation runs and arranging force fields and smoke emitters I ended up with a simulation of 700 frames and almost 300GB of simulation data 😀 Continue reading