Nuclear Bomb WIP Update

Hi there!

This is an update on the current status of the nuke project.  The major points that I am currently trying to solve are:

  1. Creating a realistic desert landscape. I have imported a greyscale height map of a desert landscape into Blender. Unfortunately the resolution of the map in the lowland part is pretty low, causing ugly sharp edges. Using the smooth modifier kills them, but then I lose lots of detail in the mountains. Maybe I will have to fix this in sculpt mode by hand. Prior to this I will try baking the details to normal maps. Using a low resolution mesh with
  2. Rendering of the mushroom cloud, and shock wave. As you can see in the picture rendering/compositing works quit nice, for a still image. But in an animation, occasionally flickering occurs within the volumetric material. 🙁
  3. Reducing render times. On a 12 core CPU (HT)  with 32 GB RAM render times are 25min+ per frame (@1080p). Still too long. HiRes value of the smoke was set to 8 causing a total of 900GB of simulation data. Maybe this was a bit of overkill 🙂 . I will have to try  lower simulation values to reduce the size of simulation data and loading times into Cycles. I guess this is a trade off situation 😉 .