Nuclear Bomb In Blender’s Smoke Simulator

Hi there,

During holidays I found some time to tackle a project I have been after for a long time. It is nothing less than the simulation of a nuclear explosion 🙂 . After running countless (really it must have been at least … ah I do not know anymore) simulation runs and arranging force fields and smoke emitters I ended up with a simulation of 700 frames and almost 300GB of simulation data 😀

At this point I have only a very raw idea on how the final result will look like. While the mushroom cloud works out pretty nicely, I still do not know how I will realize the initial blast of the nuclear explosion. I think I will have to do it separately and composite it with the mushroom cloud later on.

I did a few test renders to get an overview of the render times with Cycles and to determine whether it is doable on my current system (i970 16GB RAM on Ubuntu).

Now I would like to share the first renders that I have done so far. The render calculation was done on my CPU because my GPU is a bit outdated.  The images are all in 1920×1080  PNG format to preserve detail. So keep this in mind, if you are on a low internet connection.