Lunar Flyby

Hi there :).

Welcome to my new video on a lunar flyby. It was entirely created in Blender. Digital terrain model (DTM) data of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter was combined with Blenders new feature called micro displacement.  There is not much more to say, so I keep it short 🙂

For further information feel free to follow the links below: for the DTM for the music


Nuclear Explosion finished!

After 8 months of trying different setups, baking simulations and countless test renders I have finally finished this short animation on a nuclear explosion. The sound was taken from a video recording of a real nuclear explosion taken by the US Army in the 1950s. It shows how a real nuclear explosion sounds like.

Nuclear Bomb WIP Update

Hi there!

This is an update on the current status of the nuke project.  The major points that I am currently trying to solve are:

  1. Creating a realistic desert landscape. I have imported a greyscale height map of a desert landscape into Blender. Unfortunately the resolution of the map in the lowland part is pretty low, causing ugly sharp edges. Using the smooth Continue reading

Nuclear Bomb WIP First Draft Renders


I have rendered the first drafts of the nuclear bomb simulation with landscape and sky. For the sake of render times samples were set to 10. The images are right out of the renderer with no adjustments in post. Main purpose for these renders was testing the light setup.

Enjoy 😉

Nuclear Bomb In Blender’s Smoke Simulator

Hi there,

During holidays I found some time to tackle a project I have been after for a long time. It is nothing less than the simulation of a nuclear explosion 🙂 . After running countless (really it must have been at least … ah I do not know anymore) simulation runs and arranging force fields and smoke emitters I ended up with a simulation of 700 frames and almost 300GB of simulation data 😀 Continue reading

How to create your own social icons/logos with Inkscape in SVG-format part 3


Happy New Year and welcome to the third part of my little tutorial series on how to create an social media icon in Inkscape. The first part was on getting familiar with the software, the second was about creating a logo outline and the third part is on polishing the logo by adding some shaders to it.

Start Inkscape. At first hit SHIFT+CTRL+D (this calls the document properties). Uncheck the box that says “Show page border”. This makes the frame disappear. Continue reading

How to create your own social icons/logos with Inkscape in SVG-format part 2

Welcome to the second part of my tutorial in which we are going create a social media icon in SVG format. If you are not already familiar with the basic functions of Inkscape I highly recommend reading the first part of this tutorial.

Before we start creating something, we need some input of ideas on how the final result should look like. I decided to create a social media icon for To get a reference image, lets move over to their website.

Right click on the image with the 500px logo and select “Save as…”. Save the image to your hard drive.


Open Inkscape and hit the blue arrow on the top toolbar (depending on your setup it may be Continue reading

How to create your own social icons/logos with Inkscape in SVG-format part 1

In this tutorial I would like to show a way, how you can create your own social icons in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. Maybe you are asking yourself now: Why is this guy creating his own icons, while there are thousands of them on the internet? There are two main reasons for this:

  1.  Most of those icons are not in SVG-format, which means, that you can not zoom in to the icon endlessly (will be explained below).
  2. If they are in SVG-format-icons, most of the time their license limits their usability.

Continue reading